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Lancia Stratos 2011: The presence of German


Lancia Stratos which seized the paparazzi are conducting trials on test tracks Bolloco. At that time, all information is still very minimal. Now, the legend of Italian cars in the world rally event it seems Stratos ready to be introduced to the public.

Stratos new generation that looks almost no different with a rally version of the 1970s, was designed by Jason Castriota. He has worked at the Pininfarina design house in the last two years.

Uniquely, this project would not come directly from the manufacturer Lancia. But orders from Michael Stoschek, CEO Brose KG, a supplier to one of the principal components of the German car. It is said that this concept car will be produced is limited.

So what kind of specs? The engine capacity of 4.3 L V8 with 503 PS power, together with F430 Scuderia Ferrari engine. Bodi using carbon fiber material, which weighs 1.240kg, 108 kg lighter than Scuderia.

Two-door sports sedan is being tested by former F1 driver Tiago Monteiro. What is the maximum speed achieved or acceleration, still a secret. But the maximum number indicated on the speedometer 360 km / hour.

The plan, Stratos will mejeng in the exhibition Paris Auto Show. After that, Stoschek ask at Pininfarina to produce 20 units first.
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Latest Car Lancia Stratos: The Legend of the world rally


Lancia Stratos rally that rule the world in the 1970s, so sticky in the hearts of Michael Stoschek from Germany. Cars with the form "ax" is, limited production, 492 units between 1972 and 1974. As a result, Michael Stoschek Stratos very hard to get his dreams. Lancia Stratos has been a rare and special collections!

Michael Stoschek who is also a collector of old cars and drivers (historic) is a businessman and CEO of Borse AutomobileTechnik. Finally, to get a Lancia Stratos his dream, he went to the famous design house Pininfarina in Turin, Italy. He asked for the make Lancia Stratos with the original form but the latest technology.

Photos Only
The designers at Pininfarina awalnyai difficulty reconstructing the car. The reason, Stoschek not have units to be reconstructed. There's only pictures. Feeling challenged, the designers agreed and began the project in 2008.

Michael asked, Lancia Stratos would be perfect if he wants stay with its classical form. This was revealed by a sharp form of the car body, semi-circular windshield, front with a radiator in the middle, the back with round lights, rear spoiler that is above and the rim with a five-point star.

Two years after working hard, Pininfarina design house on November 8 and gave up a car that has reached the final stage to Michael Stoschek. During the manufacturing process, Michael and his son Maximilian diligent to come to Pininfarina to view the progress of manufacture, including wind tunnel testing, testing on the track (done by former F1 driver Tiago Monteiro.

Base Ferrari
Special car called New Lancia Stratos. Remarkably, built from the base of the Ferrari F430 Scuderia which thoroughly reengineered. Among other things, aluminum chassis trimmed 20 cm, for a shorter wheelbase. Also fitted with roll-bar in accordance with the standards of the FIA and the AC.

For example, the chassis cut 33 cm from the original. Interior The interior is made of carbon fiber and aluminum. Element body made from carbon and aluminum and weighs 562 kg. With it all, this car weighs 80 kg lighter than the F430

Machines are also taken over from Ferrari V8, 4.23 liter that produces 550 PS. Claim owner of the New Lancia Stratos, the ratio of the weight of the car is 2.25 PS / kg. Transmission, 6-speed manual with locking differentials and electronic controls that allow tooth movement lasted only about 60 milliseconds.

The chassis is totally reengineered. Includes install and calibrate the new electronic shock absorbers that can be set via the buttons on the steering wheel, modifying the spring and maximize kamber and toe angles.

Using the wheel with 9 and 11 inches wide fitted with Dunlop Sport Maxx tires and 315/30/19 265/3019 plus Brembo brakes on all four wheels. Power steering electro-hydraulic system. Smaller wheel size and can deliver change gear through a multicolored LED lights plus paddle shift also adopted from Ferrari 43

No mention is the cost of making New Lancia Strator this. Rencanannya will be tested up to 3,000 km at various race tracks to know the characteristics of its control. After that will be presented to the press is limited - especially sports cars in Ricard Circuit. Other information, Pininfarina will make 25 copies of this car.

Stratos Original
The original Lancia Stratos Ferrari Dino V6 engine, 280 PS with the addition of KKK turbo that boosts power to 560 PS. Ability sprint 0-100 km / h in just 4 seconds and can be boosted 233 km / hour. All were obtained, among others, thanks weighs only 980 kg.

No doubt, Stratos able to achieve immediate world rally champion in the first season, 1974 and continuing in 1975 and 1976. Unfortunately due to internal conflicts Fiat, its development was not continued.

Lancia Stratos still managed to score several victories, including the Monte Carlo Rally, 1975, 1976 and 1977 and 1979. Final victory in the rally Tour de Corse, France 1981.

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Multipurpose Electric Car and the World's Best Seller


The popularity of electric cars continue to rise, more and more automotive manufacturers to produce and offer it. Electric cars sought not only for transportation Haria by environmentalists, also for various purposes. This is evidenced by a Norwegian electric car manufacturer and seller in the world, THINK City.

With compact size, THINK City is currently used worldwide for various needs. Since 2009, used as an ambulance in Terschelling, the Netherlands, the island is rich with natural resources.

EV Racing
In the UK, THINK City became one of the stars in emission-free race series EV Cup. Also selected by the BBC as a car "Electric Ride" in the European exploration missions, the main transportation vehicle for the documentation team for field coverage.

THINK City also competed in the race E-Miglia 2010, an international electric car rally through France, Germany and Italy. In Switzerland, 60 units of this car is used as a tool tarnsportasi "CO2 free" at 30 hotels, resorts and various tourist attractions in the vicinity of the Alps.

Tokyo Postal
Think City used mengakut domestic goods in Finland, as a taxi in Trondheim, Norway, and in Japan, as the introduction of vehicles heading to Tokyo Postal Service. Giant electric utilities in Brazil, CPFL also use the THINK City as fleet maintenance electrical installations in Sao Paolo.

"The core of the ethos THINK is the ability to adapt," said Michael Lock, Head of Marketing Department THINK. "The use of our products in a variety of purposes around the world prove that we need to be considered as a special transportation specialists and make it as something practical in various environmental conditions.

Duu streetfighter motorcycle


The motorcycle is named DUU. You must wonder where it came from and who the maker? Big bike was crafted by CR & S (Cafe Racing & Sport), a motorcycle manufacturer based in Italy. And this is a homemade hand Duu to be produced is limited in 2011 at a price of about 25,900 U.S. dollars.

Listened from the display, this vehicle combines the typical stocky muscular naked bike America (streetfighter) and European styles. Duu given name - derived from the Italian language - means "Two" which is reflected in the design of the seat (can be to get a free ride, though small, but can be folded) and the machine.

For cardiac pacemaker, Duu given X-Edge engine 1916 cc V-Twin which has a maximum power of 95 HP with 140 Nm of torque from 2,500 to 4700 rpm. Keistimewan machine specially made home modifications to S & S to commemorate the 50th birthday, designed each cylinder has two valves stems and three belt Noken as a player (one smoked, two exhaust).

Many structural components are made of carbon materials and high quality handmade results. Like the front lights, gas tank, GPS and glass folding handle (patent had a CR & S), which can be folded passenger seat, disc brakes superbike models and more.

New Aston Martin N420 Roadster 2011


Vantage N420 (behind the same figure the power generated by the engine), dealing directly with Aston Martin's success in the modern era of racing, including 24-hour endurance race at Nurburgring, Germany. According to Aston Marin, both variants are produced to celebrate the greatness of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

Because that was released only a photo-Vantage N420 will make its debut in Paris next week, the engine was assumed to be equal with the Vantage N420 Coupe. It is estimated, N420 Roadster is heavier than kupe. As a result, its performance certainly lose.

Vantage 420 kupe itself is lighter than N400 as more use of carbon fiber for the body and other parts.

Characteristic of this new roadster is a large air flow snout in front, side skirts and rear diffuser from carbon fiber. His appearance was considered aggressive with black wheels and exhaust trestle ten with a special tip.

N420 Roadster is fitted with carbon-fiber sport seats wrapped in leather with contrasting white stitching details. Alloy black and white in the interior will be the center of attention when the roof is open.

If you keep using the same machine with the N420 kupe, this is the engine specs: 4.7-liter V8, 420 PS and 470 Nm of torque. The N420 kupe performance in the sprint from 0-100 km / h is done in 4.9 seconds. These cars use a 6 speed manual transmission and automatic transmission is also offered in sportshift.

New Aston Martin RAPIDE Luxe 2011, More Luxury


If you are still not satisfied with the luxury provided by Aston Martin RAPIDE, the British luxury car manufacturer has just announced an exclusive package of bongsor sedan, namely RAPIDE Luxe.

On the official website of Aston Martin's new choice of variants can be found with some bids RAPIDE Luxe luxury of course different than the standard version. On the exterior there are new color options, Quantum Concours Silver and Blue.

Owners will also get a key made from glass and stainless steel as well as a set of exclusive bags for travel (six pieces) with a special leather-clad same color as the interior.

Inside there is entertainment system for rear passengers in the form of two 6.5-inch LCD screen behind the front seat headrest and eyes are positioned parallel to the rear passengers. As for a DVD multi-changer for six DVDs are behind the trunk panel which is the source for the audio-video system Bang & Olufsen BeoSound RAPIDE and can be heard via wireless headphones.

The seats for four passengers also been equipped with vents that allow temperature regulation. There are three tiers of seating and temperature settings can be controlled via the play button on the console front. Display more special was also present on the main buttons on the center console which is coated with glass material.

There has been no official price of the Aston Martin for RAPIDE Luxe. But certainly, the price will be far more expensive than standard variants berbanderol 197,850 U.S. dollars

"Cygnet" Luxury Car From Aston Martin


Aston Martin continues to put the nails in the premium car market. After introducing the most luxurious four-door sedan variant RAPIDE Luxe, now they show off premium city car, Cygnet, in the middle of a luxury shopping mall Harrods in Knightsbridge, London.

Cygnet's first It debuted in the world, although Aston Martin just started producing them next year. Prospective customers can view and book from this point on Astin Martin dealers across Europe. Production version will appear on display at Harrods until 11 December 2010.

This little car will be created in the Aston Martin factory in Gaydon, England, and will be the eighth model that came out of the main production line at this plant since 2004.

Although appearing as a city car, but Aston Martin promises Cygnet has the same luxury models Aston Martin the other. They called it a "solution designed specifically for urban areas."

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Toyota Prius Print Top Record Sales


Tech hybrid car began to receive consumer. The proof, this type of car sales in Japan's domestic market can beat the sale of conventional machines. Achievement is carved a successful Toyota Prius achieved the highest sales for six consecutive months.

Including last October, total sales reached 26,918 units, 6341 units more than the same month period last year. The sale could be as high as it helped them because of taxes and subsidies from the government. AP news agency reported on Friday (6 / 11).

Meanwhile, the second highest sales of the product taken from Honda Motor Co. (HMC) Fit, which sold 15,444 units. Compact sedan was not a hybrid tech, but still get a tax break for fuel efficient.

Toyota achieved the third position back through the Vitz subcompact. The Honda hybrid vehicles, the Insight, the ninth position.

Toyota Prius MPV version, Manufactured 2011


Although still preoccupied with the completion of the recall, do not delay the program from Toyota Japan that have been scheduled. Included with the production of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Reportedly, Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC) is now preparing the Prius hybrid model. Information from internal party said that the biggest car manufacturer that will produce versions of multipurpose vehicle (MPV).

Citing a report from Nikkei News, Japanese, a few days ago, TMC is currently preparing for the Prius hybrid minivan to be launched early 2011.

This new model can carry 5-7 passengers and a new selection of old products Prius sedan.

Battery supply will enter from Panasonic EV Energy Co.. While the production process will take place at the factory in the industrial complex Teiho Aichi Prefecture.

New Toyota Prius MPV


After initial images came up (teaser) in one of the leading social networking sites, photo eventually form multi-MPV version of the Toyota Prius is present on the internet. But the image is only meperlihtkan Baian front and side. There are currently no details behind.

Seeing his performance, do not differ much from the photos previously published by various media and automotive sites. There was no significant change in the exterior, especially the front. There's even an additional rate on three pillars create the appearance of the MPV a little boring.

There is no certainty, the name will be attached to Toyota for the Prius is slightly longer body. Toyota only promising this new product will have a better comfort, with a stylish and elegant appearance.

Telas sure this car making its debut at the Detroit Auto Show early next year. In addition to the MPV, the Prius is also planned displayed in more compact form.

Earlier this year, some of the world automotive media speculated MPV Prius uses three rows of seats. In addition, this car will reportedly also provided an additional battery which is under the cabin with an electric motor and the same hybrid system. It indicates Toyota MPV will equip Prius with hybrid technology, plug (plug-ins).

If true, the intention MPV Prius is not much different from the photos released before, including the back.

Modified Toyota Prius with a touch of TRD


The popularity of hybrid car technology increasingly becomes an easy meal for the modifier, including home modifications officially a car manufacturer. Toyota, one of them, offer the Prius at SEMA Show 2010 event with an official modification package from Toyota Racing Development. This product was named Prius PLUS.

Unfortunately, TRD this time not to touch the heart pacemaker. Best-selling hybrid car in the world just got a bandage body kit, sports suspension settings, as well as alloy wheels and larger tires to support for better control.

There are seven sections provided TRD aerodynamics package, ranging from the spoiler for the front and rear bumpers, sideskirt, to the rear diffuser. Based on Toyota, wrapping body kit is not influenced coefficient of wind resistance which is owned Prius, which means the fixed 0.25 cd.

Prius PLUS 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels fitted with racing-style low-profile tires wrapped in size 215/45 R17 with wheel alignment angles that can be arranged. As a result, the distance of departure can be added without barriers affect play (rolling resistance).

To improve control, fitted as part of the foot shorter and sporty character. Toyota claims, the lower center of gravity of gravity provides better capabilities in this car in turn and make the steering more responsive. PLUS Prius is also equipped with stabilizer bar in the rear suspension to reduce the symptoms of body roll and the car remains stable during quick maneuvering.

As for the complete modification package, carpet in the cabin Prius embroidered logo "PLUS" as the logo on the door behind him.

Currently, TRD is also preparing the package "PLUS" for other hybrid models from Toyota. For information, PLUS Prius went on sale in early April 2011 in Japan.

Lorenzo beat Stoner and Rossi in Valencia 2010


Jorge Lorenzo complement perfectly his world title, having won the series final race in Valencia, Spain, Sunday (07/11/2011). Spanish Yamaha rider completed 30 laps with the best total time 46 minutes 44.622 seconds.

In fact, at the beginning of lap-lap of the 2010 world champion had a chance to be in order because he almost fell off the seventh with Marco Simoncelli. But, with persistent struggle, on the 10th lap to overtake Pedrosa Lorenzo on lap 10.

Lorenzo persistence shown again by overtaking his team mate on lap 12 and came second. In front of supporters, Lorenzo managed to bulldoze Stoner on the second corner with a perfect stay last few laps. He can be completed 30 laps and pocketed a total of 383 winning numbers.

Teammate Lorenzo, Rossi had to settle for third place and failed to shift the position of Pedrosa as the runner-up world. 19 Difference in catch rates