Senin, 21 Juni 2010

Renault Kangoo electric car in 2011


Renault, will start producing electric cars in bulk Kangoo Express in mid-2011. Light commercial vehicle or LCV will be produced in assembly centers or MCA Maubeuge Carrosserie Automobile north of France. Manufacturers will attempt to shed all their expertise to produce electric-powered cars Kanggo so it has excellent quality. Kangoo will be a welcome product in Renault's electric car segment, which will be followed by another model, Zoe ZE Concept, will be marketed in 2012, and Twizy ZE Concept.

Previous Renault Kangoo concept car leaked some bop Kangoo ZE and ZE as a mass car production base. This electric car has a power up to 70kW (95dk) with torque of 266Nm. A lithium ion batteries into power centers. The cars have traveled 160 miles in a state filled. Kangoo be targeted to meet the needs of people in urban areas (urban) or semi-urban active work. Renault to offer this product as an appropriate alternative for consumers who want a car that is clean and can be relied upon in the same segment, for example citycar.

Renault Producing Electric Cars


Renault's alliance with Nissan in France, did not want to be left to quickly mass-produce electric cars. Unmitigated, the pride of the French car company, according to French newspaper, La Tribune yesterday, Renault will produce 200,000 units of electric cars per year in 2010.

Also be explained, sources of information were obtained from Renault plans of people in that company. Informed, of the four electric car that Renault already disclosed to the public, that is Zoe, fluence, Kangoo Twizy damn, it seems that Zoe will take precedence. Zoe is a small four-passenger car. Car-like crossover, the planned total production reached 150,000 units per year. The rest, 50 000 units divided for another model, fluence, Kangoo and Twizy. Renault plans related to this, also there are critics. Not only against the Renault Nissan are also partners. Because, both companies make targets that are too high. Namum other party to defend because of Renault and Nissan want to first make electric cars and other brands will follow.

Previously, Renault has issued a statement, will become the first manufacturer to produce electric cars in full scale in 2011. For this, the Renault-Nissan would use electric motors that can generate power 50 kW (70 PS) to 100 kW (140 PS) and 100 percent rely on electric energy as a source of propulsion.

New Renault Clio Gordini


Renault Clio RS (Renault Sport) Gordini. first appeared at the Geneva Motor Show in March. For French consumers already can get it this month, following in England, next July. This hatchback variant built on the chassis Clio Twingo by Renault Sport Technologies (RST). Like the front and rear lights use model gloss black. Then, on the rear diffuser like the F1 there. Quinine racing impression with all four feet thick wear size 17-inch alloy wheels with Brembo stop system wear rate.

Clio RS chosen for development because the chassis and the engine, according to the RST, the most worthy to be developed. After all, this car is perfect for pleasure and comfort while driving.
Engine capacity of 2000 cc four-cylinder has also been touched by the RST, although not specified sections as amended. However, the peak power of 203 PS for this small car a "fierce".
Some other features that a supplement is the light angle, Carminat TomTom navigation system, automatic headlamps, rain sensor wipers, disconnectable ESP, and iPod connectivity.
This unit is manufactured at the Alpine Renault factory in Dieppe, Normandy. For basic color, Gordini synonymous with Malta Blue metallic plus two white lines like a racing car. However, manufacturers also provide other colors, but at an additional cost. One unit Clio Gordini in the UK with a price of 32 635 U.S. dollars