Senin, 14 November 2011

Batman Cars by Wiesmann with 600 HP


Wiesmann is probably not the famous sports car manufacturer. However, this German automotive business remains productive. Evident from the birth of "Black Bat" 600 HP powered TVR Cerbera similar products. When work on it, Wiesmann working with production houses and Dähler SchwabenFolia build MF5 Roadster V10 Black Bat.

SchwabenFolia are versed in the affairs of wrap-wrap dress the outer body panels, interior, bulkhead doors, kitchen area with the colors runway dof. To show his dedication on the skill, they were even 20 inch BBS wheels wrapped with the same color, making it a two-door sports car to be so dense.

Dähler themselves have a duty in the performance. Wiesmann is indeed relying on the engine and transmission BMW V10 engine is paired with a capacity of 5.0 liter BMW's M5. Dähler then increase the strength of the standard 507 HP to 600 HP. One of them thanks to the plots on the exhaust system and the "brains" of electronics in the car.

Minggu, 23 Oktober 2011

Marco Simoncelli crash - MotoGP Malaysia


Italian MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli eventually died after a crash at Sepang Circuit, Malaysia, Sunday (10.23.11). Similarly, an official announcement said. "It's official. He's dead. He gave up," said an official from Dorna who is the company's broadcasting rights holder of MotoGP.

Accidents involving Marco Simoncelli, Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi, also makes the Malaysian Grand Prix 2011 season is officially canceled.

At the start of the race, four of Honda rider directly in front after the red light goes out. Stoner, who started from second place, ahead of Pedrosa successful, as the holder of pole position, followed by Andrea Dovizioso, and Simoncelli. Only one lap only, Stoner, who last week had confirmed themselves into MotoGP world champion 2011, already more than 1 second ahead of Pedrosa.

But in the fourth position, said the fight occurred between Simoncelli with Rizla Suzuki rider Alvaro Bautista. They were preceded in some occasions, before the horror accident befall Simoncelli, who was involved in a clash between himself and Tech 3 Yamaha rider Colin Edwards, and Ducati rider, Valentino Rossi.

Upon entering the second lap in curve 11, Simoncelli crashed and involves the Tech 3 Yamaha rider Colin Edwards, and Ducati rider, Valentino Rossi.

The accident was caused horror Simoncelli helmet lying on the track with terlepat and he did not move, while Edwards dragged out the tracks and suffered a dislocated shoulder. Meanwhile Rossi survived, being able to control the motor so it only extends to the outer tracks and riding Ducati GP11.1 suffered only minor damage.

After the accident, directly marshal waving a red flag stopped the race mark. However, it seems things could not allow to do this race on Sunday, because the concentration of the condition of the medical team Simoncelli.

Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

2012 New Lotus Evora GTE Concept


Lotus finally announced plans to introduce, New Lotus Evora GTE concept. Basically this concept car is a racing version of the GTE with the contour of the front face of very aggressive. Then there are features like sporty fender vents and a rear spoiler on the stand.

The concept car is certainly strongly consider the weight of the car body. So that the alloy wheels come with a very lightweight material and fitted center-lock hubs shod. For a typical engine power comes from Lotus which has been developed, resulting in more than 420 hp (313 kW / 426 PS). Then the power is connected with the manual-automatic sequential transmission, which will ensure that this model will be faster than the Lotus Evora S

2012 Toyota RAV4 Altitude Limited Edition


New Toyota RAV4 Altitude Limited Edition is the latest car from Toyota Australia. this car is on offer in limited quantities. Toyota RAV4 Altitude will be produced only 1,500 units, all of which are certainly offer a wide range of additional features not found on the Toyota RAV4 the limited edition. The parts that have additional features ranging from the exterior, engine, until the Interior.

Toyota RAV4 Altitude is equipped with a special alloy wheels 17-inch diameter, silver painted roof rails, front bumper bar, the addition of fog lamps and rear window. While the interior gets an additional form of six-stack CD player with USB and Bluetooth music streaming capabilities, as well as premium steering wheel and gear knob. Just like the Toyota RAV4 standard, Altitude also comes with electronic stabailitas control (Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)), ABS brakes, traction control and hill-start assist.

Sabtu, 30 Juli 2011

2012 Jaguar XJ X350


Jaguar XJ X350 Series Sports Line Black Bison Edition Wald's work has several feature changes, among others, the front bumper spoiler, side steps, rear spoiler bumper, boot lid spoiler, roof spoiler, fender panel and mirror covers with LED indicators.
Wald also added a sports exhaust DTM TW240 for his new sound and Renovatio R12 21-inch - 9.0J x 21-inchers with 255/30R21 tires in front and 10.5J x 21-inchers in the rear wrapped with 295/25R21 tires

2012 New Hyundai Veloster


The automaker Hyundai continues to demonstrate its presence in the automotive world by presenting a number of concept cars and new cars that will be adopted updated technology. One of the cars with the latest technology is the 2012 model Hyundai Veloster. Hyundai wanted to fix the problem by introducing a version of the turbocharged engine is more powerful in order to compete with other competitors.

In the sector of kitchen runway, Veloster will be equipped with 1.6 L four-cylinder T-GDI. This machine is claimed to be capable of spraying power up to 208 hp (155kW) at 6000 rpm rotation with a maximum torque of 264 Nm (187 lb.ft) at 1600-5000 rpm range. These results make the power equivalent to the Golf GTI Veloster but lower torque 16 Nm.

2012 New Hyundai Grand Avega


2012 New Hyundai Grand Avega With its sporty appearance, supported by a good engine performance. Grand Avega equipped with 1.4-liter DOHC engine combined with 4-speed automatic transmission shiftronic, sports a very strong impression visible on the side. Pull the rear fender line from front to end the back door adds dashing Hyundai Grand Avega. If we look at the side of the corner three-quarters of the front, it looks like a Subaru Impreza STI hatchback versions, but closer to his brother, I30.

Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

Chrysler 300 modification by Ultimate Custom Coach


Chrysler 300 is considered some of the boring. But in the hands of home modifications Ultimate Custom Coach, a car appeared from the United States because it could be energetic clubbing spot.

To make this disco place, Chrysler Custom Coach elongate body 300. Not clear how long the addition of the car.

So that the passenger feels luxurious on-site, Custom Coach puts LCD, mirror on the ceiling, a tiny bar, Alpine stereo system with CD-brand DVD plus MP3 head unit, an integrated iPod speaker and a subwoofer that produces the best sound.

To add an aura of luxury embedded smart control system, power windows, dual air conditioning with auto climate control and anti-theft feature.

Still lacking? There is also a large monitor in the cabin, the laser beam to enliven the party and disco floor.

This limo car using 3600 cc V6 engine. Ultimate Coach Costum apparently was auctioning the car off at the eBay site for U.S. $ 78,500 with berbalur black color combination of gray.

Rabu, 20 Juli 2011

2012 Lotus Esprit Concept


Lotus Esprit Concept car will be rolled next three years. In the center there is a 5.0 L V8 engine with a supercharger, similar to the Lexus IS-F. Power output reached 620 PS that can bring accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 330 km / hour. For Esprit, Lotus offers an additional choice of technology kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) as in the F1 car of 2009. Just by pressing a button, the driver can get extra power boost for acceleration. Ferrari challenger 458 price tag is estimated to 175,000 U.S. dollars.

Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

2012 New Suzuki Swift S-Concept


At the auto show "Australian International Motor Show 2011" in Melbourne, 1-10 July, featuring the Suzuki Swift S-Concept. This is the New Hatchback Swift Sport 2012 (continuation of the previous four-door model) and will be marketed early next year.

The source of the Suzuki Swift informed that this new generation has the form of a three-door model. This is the most striking difference with the previous Swift Sport launched in February.

In terms of exterior, house fog lamps slimmer with each pull of the same line of bumpers. The shape is more like a cat's eye with a mini grille lamp as the grip. Then, on the back of the front fender there knacks like fins one sheet.

Another difference appears on the side skirts are on the front of the rear wheel there is a vent. Move to the back, above the bumper there is a wind tunnel as the exhaust coming from the side skirts. Then, dual exhaust was designed to blend with the mini diffuser.

Impression sport increasingly thick with stout wings stretched at the top rear. The model, inspired by the Suzuki Swift when participating in the event the junior world rally championship.

The interior also got a touch of sport. Apart from the two front seat-style semi-racing, the operation of a 6-gear acceleration (the previous 5-speed models), but the manual also comes with paddle shift. Thus, as in the F1 operation by pressing the plate located behind the wheel.

Regarding the engine, there is no valid information. However, Suzuki's Concept is more fitting called a Suzuki GTI will be embedded and powerful 1.6-liter engine 134 HP (100 kW), bigger than previous models around 110 HP. Its weight was lighter.

When it comes later, the S-Concept Suzuki will be competing hard with the VW Polo GTI and also of the family Ford Fiesta

2012 The latest version of the Mini Coupe


This is the latest variant of the MINI Coupe, the two-door. His appearance differs from previous Mini models. This latest version, got "ass"! Hence, claimed to be the first MINI with the design of the "three box" (engine, cabin and luggage).

MINI is more unique appearance with the roof painted red and called a "helmet roof" with two parallel lines of the body plus a prominent spoiler on the back. Another characteristic, around the side door glass blend with the front and rear. In fact, to add value to the aerodynamics, the A pillar on the MINI is one of this position is made more oblique. Another characteristic of this super sport, can only load the driver and one passenger! Thus, the new MINI is suitable for action!

4 Variants
MINI Coupé directly with the 4-variant is offered with two engine options, namely gasoline 1.6-liter and 2.0 liter diesel. Remarkably, both machines using advanced technology BMW. For example, for gasoline, equipped with direct injection system. While the diesel version, common rail, turbochager with propeller angle can change (VGT). MINI lovers can choose the variant according to his needs!

Like to test the adrenaline at the track, the MINI provides a gasoline engine capable of spitting out 211 PS power and accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 6.4 seconds. This variant is called Coupé MINI John Cooper Works. According to MINI parent now, this machine is specially tuned by experts who specialize in preparing the machines for Sport BMW and MINI. His ability to speed up to a maximum, 240 km / hour (kph).

MINI also provides a 1.6 petrol engine is more efficient, named the MINI Cooper S and Coupé. Special Coupé MINI Cooper diesel is elementary. The latter version, in addition to economical (fuel consumption claims 23.25 MPA), its ability to accelerate is also terrific, 7.9 seconds.

Active Spoiler
Rear body, according to the MINI designed classical-style gran turismo. In addition, because the sport character, his posture was made 52 mm lower than the standard MINI. The goal, the more steady speed up and to maneuver.

No less interesting, so that the more stylish and aerodynamic, rear spoiler incorporated with the roof. Amazingly, there is also an active spoiler (first used on the MINI) in the tail trunk. At a speed of 80 km / h, this spoiler sticking to add traction to increase stability and maneuverability steady!

New Toyota Hybrid Sport Car Concept II


Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced today, will be exhibiting "GRMN (GAZOO Racing tuned by MN) HYBRID SPORTS CONCEPT II" on 24-hour endurance race Nürburgring 39th near Nurburg, Germany from 23 to 26 June. This hybrid sports car look even more stylish with a convertible model.

Further, this hybrid sports car, the gasoline engine mounted in the center, using two electric motors that move the rear and front axles. With the same concept, GRMN SPORT HYBRID CONCEPT II is a car All-Wheel Drive (AWD).

This version is the development of hybrid gasoline-electric sport is on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon Toyota 2010. Performance improvement made ​​on a gasoline engine, electric motor driving the rear wheels and transmission are in the middle of the car. With these improvements, the ability of this hybrid sports maneuver more steadily as more stable. In fact, when the car is using electric power only, is claimed to provide a new experience for the driver.

Vigorous development of this sports car and show it off at the Nürburgring, is Toyota's effort to enhance the prestige and greatness of its hybrid technology. Especially the Prius which is currently still the "King of Hybrids" in the world!

Batman car designed by Gordon Murray


In addition to combating crime, which draw from the superhero Batman is a variety of artifacts that are used in action, like the cloak of anti-fire, boomerang, gun launcher rope, and do not miss the iconic Batmobile (vehicle), which always accompanied him.

For business cars, Hollywood director has created an ideal visualization Batman car since the era of the 1980s until 2010. The form was originated from the classical model, futuristic, until the car wars according to the story and the times.

Well, Batman car was designed by Gordon Murray, a former designer on the team Brabham F1 car (owned by Bernie Ecclestone) and BT39 and BT52 and his long time with McLaren until 2006, who later founded the firm Gordon Murray Design. Now, he also created an electric car city car T25 and T27.

From the display, Murray did not want to eliminate the characteristic Batmobile with a dark black color dop la "The Dark Knight". However, Murray F1 soul shine on the vehicle. In addition to flat, functioned as a buffer wing fender holders. Interestingly, Gordon adds a colorful LED on the wheels and the spotlight on the "nose" cars. Responding to the results of his work, Gordon did not speak much, "It's pretty green." What does he mean?

The whole body Batmobile is manufactured using carbon fiber materials make it lightweight, but sturdy. Although not mentioned specifically, Gordon equip cars with environmentally friendly technology, which combines Lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cell.

Minggu, 05 Juni 2011

Nissan GT-R with tech ATTESA E-TS


Nissan GT-R sedan considered the most bizarre in-class supercar. Just a quick defeat by the Porsche 911 Turbo S when pitted against on one circuit in Germany, the principal of Japan to expand by adding technology ATTESA E-TS (Advanced Total Traction Engineering System Electronic Torque Split) at all four wheels which adopts a motion all-wheel drive (all wheel drive). Technology itself is not new for Nissan and Infiniti.

Nissan was curious about the performance of the GT-R a little below the Porsche 911 Turbo S. In fact, they both have the power 530 HP engine 6-cylinder turbo-double and double clutch transmissions. With that similarity, when accelerate from 0-100 km per hour, the GT-R needed 3.5 seconds, 0.2 seconds while its competitor more quickly. It may be because the GT-R weighs 150 kg heavier.

Another factor, which BorgWarner dual clutch transmission on Nissan, when the shift takes 200 milliseconds. While the Porsche with the gearbox MDD only 8 milliseconds.

Now, to overcome the shortage, the Nissan engineers try to add ATTESA E-TS. For the version of the GT-R which uses two parallel coupling as in front-engine, ATTESA E-TS has been in custom. With this enhancement, when the car in a stationary state, the system sends 2 percent of the available torque to the front wheels and 98 percent to the rear wheels.

When the car road, flat torque was shared 50:50. This is thanks to the use of multiple sensors (four in the ABS brakes, three in the G sensor, girbok and engine ECU) and UFO technology from Nissan. As usage of these two coupling as an almost parallel. Power is sent to the front wheels in particular through the open differential.

If one front wheel (it will spin faster than a flat on the asphalt) while maneuvering around the corner, tires that will brake automatically. Thus, the sensor that controls all four wheels, depending on driving.

Nissan Spec R Prospective Substitute Nissan GT-R


Nissan reported a plan to stop production of the GT-R R35 sportcar quite successfully received by the market. Principals Japan is currently going through to develop a replacement candidate they call the GT-R Spec R. What are the advantages?

Informed by Nissan that the weight of Spec R is lighter and has improved his strength. And R35 is a four-year-old, somewhat longer than the previous two brothers, namely R32 R33 dasn which lasted three years.

7Tune Japanese media reported, Nissan Motor Co. (NMC) will begin testing the model of "facelift" enter the second half of this year. In fact, in Australia GT-R Series 3 2011 powered by 522HP 612NM torque is increased from the model 2010 (478HP/588NM) was recently launched. Acceleration 0-100 km reached in just 3 seconds.

In Japan alone, the GT-R 2012 for its domestic market have power above 536HP. And the fastest model powered Spec V 560HP, while his successor has not mentioned the amount, which would be on top. He weighs 32 kg lighter, so that when accelerate from 0-100 km is estimated to be translucent 2 seconds.