Minggu, 24 April 2011

New Subaru Crossover 2012


At the Shanghai Auto Show 2001 and the New York Auto Show 2011 which took place today, Subaru introduced a new crossover concept, namely XV. According to Subaru, is a crossover SUV with a more stylish appearance.

The new concept called "Protren" which derives from a combination of professional tools and trendy design. Precisely, Subaru defines itself that crossover is the functional integration for the professional and stylish appearance of urban and stylish.

Crossover including compact and can be seen from its dimensions, length x width x height: 4450 x 1800 x 1620 (mm), wheelbase 2636 mm. Characteristics that are not less interesting than this crossover is subaru engine embedded, namely boxer DOHC, 2.0 liter. However, power and torque produced by this machine can not be explained.

Furthermore, these machines use Lineartronic or CVT transmission that move power to the entire wheel or all-wheel drive (AWD). A unique feature of this AWD, working symmetrically. That is, right and left axles the same length. Subaru crossover appearance more manly by installing tires 245/45-ZR19.

2012 New Car Scion FR-S


The day after the Shanghai Auto Show, following the New York Auto Show 2011 opened to reporters, yesterday (20 / 4). There is a sports car from Japan, Scion FR-S has invited attention. Because, the model is very popular with sports car concept Toyota FT-86.

Indeed, the platform of the FR-S is using the concept of the Toyota FT-86 by playing bodykit so it looks more streamlined. Then, on the front of a touch on a more aggressive bumper with a bulge to protect the grille. Design of such lamps with LED eagle eye thicken the impression sport.

Other changes, and this is quite radical. The position of the engine in front, only the rear wheels (rear wheel drive). "Hence FR extension of the front engine (engine in front), while the S of Sport. Quite simply, even though Toyota's legal department did not feel this way," said vice president of Scion (a Toyota subsidiary in America) Jack Hollis.

Not only the front view of the strong impression of his sports, but also the rear. Under the diffuser which extends along the bumper at the end of a house on the left and right exhaust.

Regarding the engine, seems also not different from each FT-86 carrying capacity of 2.0 liter Subaru Boxer. Only, the FR-S will be equipped sistek injection from Toyota, namely D4-S. He said, this car will be produced in 2012

Rabu, 13 April 2011

New Hyundai Sonata Hybrid


Hyundai Sonata hybrid was introduced last year in the event the New York Motor Show. Green sedan uses a 2.0 liter engine with an electric motor that has power 30 kW with 6-speed automatic transmission.

Own engine power to the domestic market has increased to 188 from the previous HP 148 HP and 40 HP electric motor. Fuel consumption is 21.0 km / liter and claimed to be the best in its class.

New Hyundai i40 Wagon


Hyundai i40 Wagon this, said will carry the new engine 1.7-liter 4-cylinder turbo diesel with CO2 emissions of only 113 g / km. Indeed, Hyundai of Korea itself has not leaked, but Voloster 1.6-liter gasoline engine and 2.0-liter 4-cylinder with direct injection, into consideration.

Hyundai i40 i45 will complement the offer of wagons for those who need practicality. This announcement is a good news for fans of Hyundai who eagerly awaits the arrival of i40.

New Hyundai Blue Square 2012


As the main icon of South Korean carmaker, Hyundai took to compete with Japanese car manufacturers to develop future vehicles namely, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV).

Latest concept car from Hyundai on display today at the Seoul Motor Show 2011 is called "Blue Square". Or we could also call it the Blue power of two!

To move the car, Hyundai use traditional electric motor 90 kW (120PS) with fuel consumption of 34.9 km / liter. Blue Square name used because this car is also a "blue print" for Hyundai to to make the sedan of the future.

This concept car is a combination of Blue-Drive and sub​​-eco-brand of Hyundai that uses the number "2 " is taken from the "H2", the chemical symbol of hydrogen.

Selasa, 05 April 2011

New Audi Quattro Life Again


The name of the Audi Quattro rally ever formations in the world arena in the era of the 1980s. In fact, HP's 550-powered car driven by motion of four-wheel racer French woman, Michele Mouton, had seized the world's runner-up position in 1985. However, entering the 1990s, Audi disappeared from the scene of the rally.

Reportedly, the German car manufacturer wanted to produce the Audi Quattro. Concept car was exhibited at the Paris Motor Show 2010. However, according to some information, the Audi Quattro will be built by Audi S5 platform.

The designers and engineers have demonstrated the concept to Audi board Audi. The company reportedly is ready to give the green light to the production phase, although there has been no confirmation of when it will be announced. However, Autocar Audi Quattro leaking information that will be marketed in 2013.

In terms of design, appearance of the Audi Quattro is very cool and has a very strong impression that sport. The lines are a strong feature of the Audi Quattro longer appear on the front, except for double headlights hidden in the bumper above, plus a hood that there is a kind of thin air cavity.

Comparison of the BMW X3 First Generation and Second Generation


The first generation was launched in 2004 and has sold over 614,824 units worldwide. He is at once an SUV BMW's most lots sold. The second generation began production on 20 November 2010.

Gasoline and diesel
For the generation-2, BMW Indonesia offers two versions of the machine, namely a 3.0 liter gasoline twin-turbocharger equipped with direct injection technology. This type is called the xDrive35i and is the most luxurious version. Meanwhile, the diesel version is named xDrive20d. This version 4-cylinder engine with common rail technology, turbocharger, piezoelectric injectors and is offered in two variants, namely the Executive and Business.

It uses motion SUV AWD system (All-Wheel Drive) full-time with dynamic traction control. That is, either on a smooth road and off-road, four wheel operated directly by transmission. The typical transmission STEPTRONIC BMW X3 uses. The latest version uses a comparison of 8-gear acceleration. The operation simply by pushing the lever shifter to the front and back! Shifter model similar to that used in other BMW models, Series 5 and Series-7.

Other standard equipment is cornering brake control (CBC), dynamic brake control (DBC), rain brake support, fading compensation, Hill-start assistant, hill descent control (HDC), and electric hand brake plus monitor the distance to the object in front and rear car when parking. In addition to making this SUV a secure and comfortable when accelerated, these features also make the security level is guaranteed. In addition, these features are also very easy working drivers, including in difficult circumstances. For example, when stopped on the hill (with the use of HDC).

At first glance, somewhat difficult to distinguish the X3 and the Gen-1 Gen-2 this. The reason, BMW does not make a revolutionary design change and remain with the transition. In fact, the exterior changes thoroughly. Changes to the front there is the grille, bumpers, headlights, side sepakbor front, and hood. At the rear, there are differences on the glass door, a combination lamp design, the rear door, bumper, and exhaust tip. Especially on the gasoline engine, the second generation there are two exhaust tip. The combination lamp design (rear) All-New X3 is the same as that used in other recent BMW models, the layered design (clearly visible when the light is on). From the side, the differences seen in the design of the wheel (wheel) and a line along the side of the vehicle. In the latest version, the side-line starting from the front sepakbor and forwarded to the front door so as to form a straight line with the center of the door handle, door, and taillights. In the first generation, the side-line of this body is above the door handle. Door handle design is also more stylish and exclusive.