Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010

New Bugatti car named Michael Schumacher


Big names as the legendary Michael Schumacher F1 pebalap achievement try seven times world champion made the vehicle of the Bugatti brand. Interestingly, Schumacher himself is now racing for the manufacturer of Mercedes, Germany, along with compatriot Nico Rosberg.

Italian car manufacturer's product named Michael Schumacher Bugatti EB 110 SS (Sport Stradale). Sedan SupersPort was ready to be marketed and made only 33 units, and already registered to use the name of German origin pebalap.

Of the amount to be sold, only one of which has a very luxurious interior. Schumacher had to use the car.

EB 110 EB110 SS is using a platform that was launched in 1991. The difference is, this new car is lighter and very powerful force for the machine equipped with a 3.5L V12 twin turbo manual transmit six levels of acceleration.

Maximum Power 611 HP at 8000 rpm. While the previous model only 561 HP. Acceleration 0-100 km / h reached in just 3.2 seconds. No wonder if Schumi mengacungi thumb.

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